And then came Phil – who started his career as a DJ, acquiring all the knowledge and experiences of a DJ by “simply” acting like one at various occasions: discotheques as the Cembran Cellar, Tunnel, Maximus, Kolmgut and festivals as the Future Sound Festival in Hungary, Timeless Sonic Festival at Buchkirchen and the Watergate at Aistersheim. Soon the skilful, hard-working, 15 year old he then was, “had” the job – well enough – to become a reputable member of the society club “Soundoptic” (in 2006) – which helped him progress into bigger scenes, acting along with renowned headliners such as: Villon, Florian Meindl, Oliver Koletzky, The Advent, Alex Bau, Two Dollars, Moquai, Luca and others. Yet with “only” the successful DJ he had become he was not fully content. There still was this other skill, wanting to be satisfied, wanting to bring out the music that kept playing in his head for so long. And, starting off with Ableton Live 4 – 8 and Cubas SX 3 doing his first experiments, he soon had gotten “his” music into life. Possessed to make himself perfect, he took lessons, with his uncle teaching him the basics of music and composing. Further experiments were to follow: recordings of acoustic guitars, voice ( Rene Neuweg/ Black Pearl Room) and Hip Hop (Michael Martin) when he finally met Manuel Strauss and they launched “Abarat Digital”.