Wtf is Straussn ? Manuel Strauss is a known name in the Electronic-Music scene in Austria, as Promoter and DJ Artist he possesses a fine intuition in his choice of Club Sounds and artists, which transfers his audience rapidly into an ecstasy. He knows how to use tension to create an unconventional atmosphere. After gaining some experience from 2003 on, Manuel was invited to play at the label 4 Filthy Music, where he founded the liveact project Sick Society with his studio partner Stefan Weickinger. In 2007, after a short break and some other projects, Stefan left Sick Society and Manuel tooks advantage of this situation to collect fresh ideas. With success. His sets and sounds are defined by the pulse of time and create never-ending dynamics without limits. Currently he collaborates with the local dj and producer Phillip Reinhart. Together they launched Abarat Digital, a new digital label from austria with the purpose of bringing up fresh and colorful tunes in the austrian electronic music scene.