Walther Noxx

Walther Noxx is born in Linz / Austria. At the age of 13, he discovered music.


As time went by, the interest of electrical music came more and more.

When he was 20 years old, he started the first steps on the deck.

Now he began there, where everyone has to start up too.


The first gigs were made on private partys at friends.


After this positive feedback, it was his dream to play in a club.

And time made the wish come true.


Walther Noxx is always interested in new challenges and development of new endless opportunities.


Walther Noxx plays “Fully Digital”, but supercharged with the power of 4 decks on stage.

His sets are always a highlight and provide the best musical mood.


His style goes from “Tech House” over “Techno” up to “Minimal”.

His sets get any party start shaking.


Walther Noxx guarantees crisp Tech House, Techno and Minimal.